Open Standards

LMA has been developing and delivering open standards and open source software, hardware, and systems for over fifteen years. We have supported the development of open source software, including Broadcast 2000 and Cinelerra and numerous uncompressed and compressed server based software management solutions. 

Service Security

We design and develop high-resolution media monitoring systems that are legally admissible and provide encrypted security streaming from remote locations for private industry and for government. We build networks which enable the client to monitor their sites 24/7, particularly servicing the energy and environmental industry. 

Real-Time Systems

We develop real-time systems that enable the operator to fully determine the current status of the technical environment, enabling them to make changes on the fly in person or remotely. Using open architecture, we enable the client to have total assurance their environment is secure and safe and free from outside threats.

Mass Media Storage

The management tools and creative controls in the our storage solutions are unparalleled in their flexibility, capabilities, and openness, anywhere in the industry. Delivering speeds of over 600 MB/S and created by the LMA engineering team, with over 100 combined years in the industry. Our team has worked on many of the highest grossing films in Hollywood history and in the design of the most successful and productive television and film studios in the world.      

Custom Design

Our team has written requirements and tools for IO cards (HD, SDI, Composite and MPEG), media management software, broadcast managers, editors, and software tools including Graticules, FFMPEG, 1K, 2K, and 4K.

Linux Media Arts

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